General Opthalmology Services:

  • Routine Eye Exams
  • Advanced Diagnostic Procedures (OCT, fundus photography, IOL calculation, corneal topography)
  • Treatment of Diseases involving the Eyelids and Anterior Segment
  • Advanced Glaucoma Testing
  • Evaluation for Diabetic Eye Disease
  • Laser Treatment for Glaucoma (MLT, peripheral iridotomy)
  • YAG Laser Treatment for Capsule Opacification
  • Cataract Surgery with Intraocular Lens
  • Ophthelmic Plastic Surgery

Cataract Removal

Standard Cataract Removal using Phacoemulsification :

The standard technique for removing cataracts involves making a small incision in the cornea and breaking up the cataract using small pulses of sound waves.  After removing the cataract, an intraocular lens implant is inserted into the lens capsule to replace the cataract.  For more information about cataracts and surgical techniques for removing cataracts, click on this link:

What is a cataract?

Glaucoma Procedures

  • MLT
  • Peripheral Iridotomy
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Cataract Removal
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